I’m Gloria, a post-bachelors researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience

I’m currently working with and advised by Robb Rutledge at Yale University. My research interests are best summarized by two related questions: (1) How does emotion interact with decision making and (2) How can we use behavior to deepen our understanding about emotion-related disorders like depression?

As an undergraduate at Brown University, I studied Behavioral Decision Science and I worked as a UI/UX designer for tech startups. Steering myself toward a career in science, I interned at the Personality Measurement and Development Lab at WashU, and most recently at the Affective Brain Lab at UCL during the Summer of 2019.

Clear science communication is important to me. I am building up a research blog to convey important findings and topics in and around the cognitive sciences. I also maintain a separate blog on Medium where I write about non-science topics and my personal musings about self-development.