J.P Stevens High School


I owe a lot of my earliest design experience to my time as a member of the yearbook club in high school. Having joined yearbook freshman year, I was promoted from staffer to Design Editor in junior year (2015) and became Editor-in-Chief my senior year (2016). My four years in yearbook have taught me so much about graphic design, layout design, print design, journalism, photography, and leadership; I couldn’t ask for a stronger foundation to prepare me for a creative work experience going into college.

The gallery below is a small collection of the design work I had done for the yearbook and for related projects in high school.


As design editor, I used a variety of different softwares to create the designs for print. Most of my work as design editor came from designing the full and half page dividers, the cover design, folios, and layout design. 


Photoshop was used for the bulk of all designing on the yearbook. This included divider designs, photo editing, and page backgrounds.


Illustrator was used to create infographic pages and digital marketing campaign content.

Yearbook Avenue

This was where most of the layout design took place.

Yearbook 2016 Editors

Me along with the rest of the senior yearbook editors in our 2016 Yearbook colophon. Pictured (left to right): Yasasvi Talagadadeevi (Design), Gargi Adenkar (Design), Lauren Kim (Co-EIC), Gloria Feng (Co-EIC), Joany Xue (Copy), Dhwani Saraiya (Photography)

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